The Irvine Tartan comes in the following versions:

Colors duplicate the shades created by weavers in olden days when dyes were made from berries, vegetables, & herbs.
Modern dyes make for vibrant, strong colors.
Weathered & Bonshaw Family:
Weathered Irvine tartan is being woven for Clan Irwin, and will be available for Kilts, Skirts, Tartan Fabric orders around the first of October 2007. This is just one step down from kilt weight of 13-oz, and is a good weight for kilts and skirts worn in hot areas. The pleats hold well, and kilts can be made pleated to the sett (plaid) or to the stripe in Formal Kilts, or to sett only in Casual Kilts. Our chairman has a Weathered Irvine kilt in the lighter weight, along with 2 more in the 16-oz weight, also available for kilts.


Bonshaw - Family - Wool

Bonshaw - Family - Wool
Muted shades of Blue & Green w/red stripe,
13-oz, 59”-60” width, price per yd
BFBR Kilt Weight Bonshaw Family $90.00
Irvine - Ancient - Wool
Shades of Blue & Green, 60” width, 100% Virgin Wool, price per yd
AIBR 10-oz Ancient Irvine - 1 yd minimum $80.00
AIRV 13-oz Ancient Irvine - 1 yd minimum $90.00
Irvine - Weathered - Wool
Shades of Blue & Green, 60” width, 100% Virgin Wool, price per yd
10-oz Weathered Irvine - 1 yd minimum $80.00

“NEW” Ancient Irvine Cotton Fabric

“NEW” Ancient Irvine Cotton Fabric
Skirts, Christmas Tree skirts,Children’s Clothing, Tablecloth/Napkins, be creative, price per yd
AICF Cotton Tartan Fabric - 1 yd minimum $45.00


Prices subject to change without notice.